At Sounds Smart Speech Therapy, we work with a variety of disorders including but not limited to:

  • Receptive and expressive language delay
  • Speech Sound disorders (articulation, phonological, and childhood Apraxia of Speech)
  • Fluency Disorders
  • Pragmatic Language Disorders

Our office specializes in pediatric speech therapy. We have experience working with children with various disorders or conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, cleft lip and/or palate, etc. We accept clients ranging from 1-18 years of age.

*Please note coverage for therapy is dependent on authorization and the information we gather from your insurance directly. You can contact the office directly for specific information on our competitive rates. Service coverage is not guaranteed until we receive official claim proof from your insurance.*

Evaluation Assessments

Our therapists design a customized treatment plan on a client's initial evaluation assessment. Our evaluation appointments are 1 hour long and will include:

  • Formal testing (play based and/or standardized assessments)
  • Diagnosis of the communication disorder or area of need
  • Recommendations for therapy (ie: two 60 minute sessions / week)
  • A written report with speech therapy goals

Individual Therapy

A therapist works one-on-one with your child to develop his or her skills. Each session is normally one hour with 45 minutes of direct treatment and 10 minutes of parent consultation/training. The number of sessions per week will depend on your child’s needs.

In Person

Our clinic is a spacious and inviting environment located in a business complex in Placentia, California. Siblings and family members are welcome to utilize our waiting room or outdoor courtyard during session times.

Online Tele-Therapy

While we highly recommend attending therapy in-person for the best experience, we recognize that many families are not comfortable with indoor activities at this time. To accommodate the needs of all our clients, Sounds Smart Speech Therapy also offers virtual therapy sessions delivered online via Zoom and Google Meets software. Our therapists are able to provide interactive play-based therapy online to target a variety of speech and language goals.

*At Sounds Smart Speech Therapy, we strive to prioritize consistent attendance for all of our clients. Speech therapy is most effective when our clients are able to benefit from sessions scheduled on regular intervals. Please communicate with our front desk team to cancel or reschedule therapy appointments at least 4 hours in advance (preferably the day before) of their scheduled appointment.

Additionally, please be aware that our scheduling team will do the best to accommodate client availability for any permanent schedule changes. However, any adjustments to the therapy schedule may be subject to change dependent on clinician availability and our current client caseload.*

Social Skills Group Therapy

What is a Social Skills Group?

It is a group of kids of similar ages interacting under the direction of a speech–language pathologist for the purpose of developing social-language skills & concepts of peer relations. We have social groups for kids of different ages & although the number of kids in a group varies, we limit our groups to 4 kids to maximize the benefits.

Who would benefit from participating in our social groups?

Our social groups are designed for kids having difficulties communicating & playing with their peers. Although such difficulties are commonly associated with Autism, social groups can significantly improve the social skills of kids without such diagnoses. We currently offer Social Groups for individuals with a minimum age of 7 years old and a maximum age of 21 years old. We have several groups that are offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. Please contact our office to inquire on which group will best suit your child's needs.

What will kids do in social groups?

Some fun activities include role-playing in hypothetical social situations, playing games to stimulate social thinking & taking trips to places such as parks to meet other kids & apply their skills in real situations.

What are the benefits of Social Skills Groups?

Kids learn to make conversations, listen, understand different intonations, read body language such as facial expressions & gestures, focus & stay on topic, share, & more. The goal is to teach kids to play and socialize with their peers and make friends.

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