At Sounds Smart Speech Therapy, all our therapists and front desk staff go above and beyond to provide the best client experience possible! The following customer reviews have been taken from our Yelp page.

"Mrs. Thao and her wonderful group of therapist are all amazing. They are dedicated, warm and outstanding in what they do. Our son first came eight years ago with a severe case of receptive, expressive delay. Mrs. Thao established a well laid out plan for him. When she wasn't working with him other such as Ms. Kristie, Ms. Carly and Ms. Melissa and many others helped with his speech, language and social skills. He is now an amazing honors student, excelling in all of his academic classes and in all the different sports, in which he also excels in."

"I can't say enough about how great Sounds Smart Speech Therapy is so I will keep this brief and too the point. If you are looking for the best look no further. The combination of the dedicated staff, the environment, level of expertise, commitment and flexibility at Sounds Smart will not be found anywhere else. My son was one of the lucky ones that started early and has received therapy for almost 18 months at Sounds Smart. I am currently a stay at home mom but I am also a special education teacher... talk about someone who may be hard to please and impress but Sounds Smart has exceeded my high expectations. Thank you to all of the staff for helping my son."

"The office environment is quaint and conducive to serving children of all ages. The toys used for sessions are immaculate, obviously cared for and selected by the Therapist from what I call the "Toy Library" (storage room). The location/ building is very clean, safe and surprisingly easy to get to from the freeway/ side streets. Also, on occasion Ms. Thao coordinates special outings for her clients to attend to further enhance their socialization skills in the real world! What more could you ask for! We are more than thankful to Ms. Thao, Ms. Tami and the Team for their dedication to our Son. If you are looking for in depth personalized service, Sounds Smart can meet and exceed your expectations as they do ours!"